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Stikwood Branding

Branding / Packaging / Print

At Stikwood, a Passionate Client, Innovative Products and Great Design Combine to Make a Great Brand Experience.

Once in a blue moon, someone comes up with a truly innovative idea that solves a problem. Lightening struck for Jerry McCall one day when he married his knowledge about an adhesive used by NASA with the capabilities of his wood flooring factory. Realizing that real wood wall coverings didn't have to be an expensive, labor intensive undertaking, he created the first peel and stik wall covering. Giving everyone the ability to transform their world with real wood. He had his idea, he just needed to communicate his products brand experience & promise to the world.

Stikwood needed a logo, tagline and marketing materials created that told their story of transformative, sustainable and inspired living, so they tapped FUEL.

Featured on HGTV and other shows, the brand continues to evolve to support their growing product line and inspired vision of how we all can live in inspired spaces.

Apr 2016