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Stikwood Sample Packaging

Branding / Packaging

Stikwood is a transformative product that changes the way people experience and live in their environment. FUEL designed their sample packaging to match.

Consumer Sample Packaging

Maximizing the excitement and anticipation of what is to come when you purchase Stikwood, customers opening their samples are reminded to be bold, exciting, unique and adventurous with a series of quotes. On the back of the quotes we suggest ways to reuse the samples, with an example of how to make some cool art from the pieces. Stikwood samples aren't just packaging, they are a statement of the Stikwood ethos.

Architectural Sample Packaging

The larger architectural carrier works with the consumer packages and is designed for visibility on the sample shelf in highly competitive sample libraries at top architectural firms. The one-color printing with colored logo insert is cost effective, and on target for Stikwood's brand. This gives the company the ability to use multiple carriers for different product series all coded by color. Flexibility and style working together.

Sep 2017