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Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau Rebranding

Branding / Print

Here at FUEL, we’re pretty proud of the fact that of all the design firms who competed to win the prestigious task of giving the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau a facelift, SCVB chose us. And we’re even prouder of what we delivered. We put a lot of thought, late nights, and weekends into devising their new logo and tagline. The star in the logo, a sans serif type treatment that has a sophisticated yet timeless feel, represents Sacramento as the capital of California and the central geographic location of Sacramento as the starting point for many prominent travel destinations in the state. Meanwhile, the color gold nods to our Gold Rush history, as well as the metaphorical gold visitors discover, unexpectedly, when they come to Sacramento (i.e. world class accommodations, travel options, dining, nightlife and entertainment).

Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau
Apr 2016