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City of San Fernando Branding

With new leadership comes new vision. The City of San Fernando, California wanted branding that would better represent the citizens, their history and also position them for the future. FUEL understood bringing the past forward was the key.

Common Ground through Branding

Early research highlighted the changing demographics in the City—a community like so many others split among racial, lingual and economic lines, struggling to adapt to the high-speed changes of today. FUEL dug deep into the City's history to find common ground. What we found was a deep understanding of a shared agricultural heritage and love for the land. Rather than throw out the past, we created a brand that celebrated it, reinvigorating the city seal, and marrying it with a wordmark reminiscent of the mission days of the valley, but subtle nods to the future. The intertwined 'D' and 'O' a clear call for unity. With a solid brand foundation creating a new vibrant City message was simple. From city signage, to trolley graphics, fleet graphics and the City archway, the unity is expressed right when you enter San Fernando.


Oct 2017