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California Musical Theater Rebranding

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California Musical Theatre (CMT), producer of both the iconic Music Circus and the top-notch Broadway Sacramento series, was having an identity crisis. Sacramento’s oldest professional performing arts organization and California’s largest nonprofit musical theatre was struggling with the fact that their audience often doesn’t realize that the two entities are related, or that they are overseen by California Musical Theatre. Additionally, they wanted to update the Music Circus logo from the perceived peanut-shell covered floor to the sophisticated roof-raising height that is the reality of the organization’s production quality in an effort to attract fresh attendees, without alienating their longstanding, loyal following. FUEL tackled the rebranding project for CMT carefully, and with all the stakeholders as well as the current and future audience in mind. The end results are logos that convey the polish of the productions as well as the relationship between all three entities, and a community that has received the new marks excitedly.

California Musical Theater
Apr 2016